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ATMs are a popular way to ensure consumers have access to their financial institutions throughout the day. With the advancement in teller technology, and interactive capabilities, ATM usage is becoming more popular. Although the bonus of attracting customers after hours and away from your branch can help support your financial institution, an out-of-order ATM becomes a hassle, and customers may even move on.

Keeping ATMs working and available becomes an essential task, even after hours. Proper maintenance and servicing schedules can help prevent many of the issues associated with ATMs, and keep your machines running for a long time. Despite the best of intentions, things happen, parts break down, and machines need repairs. For that reason, here are 5 common ATM issues:

Broken Keypad

Despite ATMs becoming more and more digital, most are still dependent on a physical keypad, at the very least for PIN entry. The keypad has a few parts that can cause problems, whether it is a button sticking or falling out, or simply not responding to input. A broken keypad will put your whole ATM out of commission.

Worn Out Card Reader

After multiple uses, a card reader can wear out over time. For the most part, every transaction requires use of the card reader. With a worn-out reader, customers will not be able to verify account information, and frustrated customers will not be able to complete their transaction.

Faulty Dispenser

While rare, a faulty cash dispenser can be an extremely frustrating issue. Imagine going through the whole process of withdrawing cash, only to have the dispenser give the wrong amount, or none at all. What was supposed to be a quick and convenient transaction has now become a hassle, putting the customer at ends as the cleared transaction for cash not received is still registered to their account. A faulty dispenser is an issue you need to handle quickly, so contact your service professional as soon as you learn of the issue.

Receipt malfunctions

Not every customer wants a receipt, but it should be offer for any customer that wishes for it. The receipt can act as proof of other issues or may be needed only for the customer’s records. The simplest issue with receipts is paper replacement, but what if something more serious is happening? If the printer is jamming, it may be time for a replacement before customers look elsewhere for their ATM needs.

Software Glitches

Today’s ATMs have become so much more high-tech than their predecessors. Digital solutions add digital problems as well. Now that software is an integral part of the ATM, glitches can sometimes cause some unwanted concerns. Software needs to be updated to keep up with current systems, and to eliminate any discovered bugs.

CSC is Here to Help

These are just some of the common issues associated with ATM ownership, and Customized Service Concepts, LLC. can gladly help with these issues. Our service teams are on standby and will gladly take care of these and any other issue you may have with your machines. In addition to servicing, we can also help you update your machines to avoid the problems that come with outdated systems. If you are looking to update your current machines or someone to help maintain them, give us a call.