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Equipment Maintenance

ATM/ITM Maintenance

For over 25 years Customized Service Concepts, LLC has provided ATM and ITM Hardware Maintenance Solutions to the financial industry. In a market that is constantly evolving, we work hard to provide state of the art service solutions to our customers at rates that make sense. We hire some of the best service technicians in the business and give those technicians the tools and support to help us exceed our customers’ expectations. We service most brands including NCR, Diebold, and Hyosung equipment. Our technicians are factory trained and we only utilize certified parts! Our goal is to be more than your service vendor. We take a consultative approach, and strive to be a partner to our customers.

Teller Cash Recycler (TCR) Maintenance

Customized Service Concepts, LLC repairs all types of Teller Cash Recyclers (Hamilton/Gunnebo, Hyosung, LG, Cima, NCR). Our technicians are experienced and familiar with all the different manufacturers as well as all the different types of Middleware Software solutions available today.

RemoteView Managed ATM/ITM Services

Pressure to manage the self-service channel effectively and efficiently is on the rise. As a result, Financial Institutions are looking for alternative ways to keep up with ever-changing compliance standards, reduce operating costs, increase ATM availability, and enhance customer satisfaction. CSC, LLC RemoteView does all of this and more, resulting in superior control over a Financial Institution’s ATM fleet.

What is CSC, LLC RemoteView?

CSC, LLC RemoteView is a remote ATM management tool that provides a faster and more economical approach to ATM service.  CSC, LLC RemoteView helps our customers by providing greater ATM availability, tighter control over software patches for Windows and PCI compliance, improved E-Journal retrieval and archiving, and the ability to better align branding and marketing messages within the self-service ATM/ITM channel.

How CSC, LLC RemoteView Benefits Our Customers

  • Reduce the cost of ATM Services and Operations
  • Enhance control over the self-service channel
  • Remotely push Microsoft Patch Updates, ensuring PCI-DSS compliance
  • Diagnose and repair operational issues remotely, minimizing the need for, and cost of, maintenance staff and technicians
  • Improve EJ retrieval and archiving services
  • Reduce workload on branch and central users
  • Real-time convenience to customers, 24/7
  • Increase customer satisfaction
ATM Diagnostics Program
RemoteView ATM Diagnostics means more UPTIME. Without RemoteView ATM Diagnostics, when a fault occurs at your ATM—whether a card reader, printer, or dispenser issue—that ATM is down until a technician can get in his truck, drive to the ATM, and diagnose and fix the issue.

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Marketing Screens
A customer using one of your ATMs is a captive audience: rarely do her eyes leave the screen during a transaction! Very few advertising mediums can make that claim, which puts you in a unique position to create a marketing campaign targeting the users of your ATMs. Studies show that the large majority of ATM users retain the information and clearly remember what they saw.

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Security Plus+
Your ATMs run aWindows computer inside them. Just as your personal computer needs security software, so do your ATMs, especially since they capture your customers’ bank account and financial information. Because Microsoft has discontinued support forWindows XP, which a large number of ATMs are still running, the biggest threat to your ATM network is malware attacks targeted to ATMs.

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Electronic Journal Archiving
An electronic journal entry is created every time a customermakes any type of transaction at an ATM. Those journals need to be kept offsite in case a customer has a discrepancy or dispute regarding a transaction. Financial Institutions are subject to strict rules regarding how to resolve errors and how long to retainrecords.
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Patch Management
Your ATMs have Windows computers running inside them. Microsoft releases security patches on a monthly basis, just as they do for your personal computer. Unfortunately, too many financial institutions don’t deploy these patches regularly, which can lead to unstable systems and out-of-compliance ATMs, as well as making you vulnerable to outsiders hacking into your network.

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Managed Services

As new ATM and Interactive Teller technology hits the market and compliance standards continue to evolve, the cost of owning a machine is on a steady incline. The gradually increasing complexity of the ATM channel has amplified over time and this is not expected to change in the foreseeable future. Due to these factors and many more, the industry is transitioning into a Managed Services environment. Managed Services allows Financial Institutions (FIs) to hand over the reins of their ATM channel to the experts. CSC, LLC deliver’s the infrastructure and skills required to maintain an ATM network because ATMs are a core business, not a sideline and/or a necessary nuisance. Managing ATM operations can be stressful, time consuming and expensive for any Financial Institution. Why not eliminate the headache and let an expert take control? Customized Service Concepts, LLC’s managed services was designed to eliminate many of the challenges of ATM ownership for our customers. We custom tailor the program based on a common-sense approach to ATM Outsourcing, allowing us to meet the individual needs of each FI we work with. Our program takes care of various operational and service burdens, including hardware maintenance, software upgrades, cash replenishment, supplies and most daily operations. While we concentrate on upkeep, uptime, return on investment and delivering continual improvements to the ATM channel, our customers can put their focus back on gaining market share and a competitive advantage. Let us show you how our CSC, LLC Managed Services program could help ease the burden of owning and operating a fleet of ATMs/ITMs in today’s ever changing banking environment.

Conventional Bank Equipment Maintenance

For over 25 years Customized Service Concepts, LLC has provided Conventional Bank Equipment Service Solutions to the Financial Industry. We repair all types of physical security and heavy equipment including drive-up pneumatic tube systems, drive-up drawers, night drops, vaults, safes, locks, safe deposit boxes, under counter steel and more. Our technicians are experienced and are familiar with all the different manufacturers of conventional bank equipment (Diebold, Hamilton/Gunnebo, Fortis). We offer an All-Inclusive Service Agreement which includes all parts, labor, travel and annual PM at one fixed rate.
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