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CM18 Evo

Teller Cash Recycler


The CM18 Evo is built on the same CM18 platform banks and credit unions have trusted for reliable performance. This sleek machine includes an updated bill reader with the latest technology for more accurate counterfeit detection and fewer rejected notes.

The exterior design presents a modern feel for your branch and can be paired with the CM18 Solo for a uniform look. The CM18 Evo frees your staff to deliver premium service by automatically counting, depositing and dispensing cash many times faster than a teller, without human error.


The CM18 Evo cash recycler has the ability to evolve with your branch. This unit can be repurposed as part of an assisted self-service solution providing flexibility for any future branch redesign.

The device holds up to 12 cash modules which can be configured to store specific denominations for optimal efficiency. It is the perfect solution to be shared by two or more tellers in traditional teller lines, pod designs and assisted self-service kiosks.

The CM18 Evo can function as a self-contained vault, allowing tellers to perform vault buys and sells without a manager during weekend branch hours.


  • Up to 12 cash modules
  • Up to $200,000 capacity
  • 17.32”W x 37.01”H x 34.8”D