Surrounds & Canopies

Stand out from the competition

CSC offers so much more than ATM/ITM services. We have
partnered with companies that offer the best customized looks
for your financial institution. From wraps, canopies and ATM
toppers, we strive to ensure your equipment matches the look of
your financial institution.

Heritage Industries brings amazing style and look to your ATMs/ITMs

CSC has partnered with Heritage Industries, the world leader in ATM kiosk manufacturing, to offer a complete product line for a variety of walk-up and drive-up ATMs. Our offerings include customized surrounds, backdrops, sign canopies enclosures, panels, wraps and toppers to allow for the perfect fit to meet your needs for all ATMs. Our sales and installation teams will work with you to design, plan, deliver and install a product with a professional image to enhance your financial institution’s ATM

Eye-catching ATM enclosures, surrounds, canopies from Sterling ATM

We also partnered with Sterling ATM, the leading designer and manufacturer of surrounds, enclosures, toppers, canopies and kiosks. Sterling ATM is a full, turnkey provider, from design services to manufacturing and installation. At Sterling, they combine experience and creativity to develop the highest quality ATM products, and customize them for compatibility with leading financial service technologies. Whether you are searching for custom ATM designs or standard products, Sterling ATM has the proven experience to assist you.

Sterling ATM aims to discover the brand and design essentials that will propel your brand identity across the platforms